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Our Team

Tyler Jaymeson Cade is a graduate of FIU Law School, third graduating class. He graduated fourth (4th) in his class and earned high honors, graduating Magna cum laude. Mr. Cade wrote two articles during his tenure as a law student. One was published in the FIU Law Review (The Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition: Religious Morality, Social Science, and the Establishment Clause, FIU Law Rev. vol. 3, iss. 1, pp. 113-186 (2007)), and the other in the peer reviewed Journal of Social & Economic Studies (Is Barbados Ready for Same-sex Marriage?: Analysis of Legal and Social Constructs, vol. 57, iss. 2, pp. 61-88 (2008)), subsequent to being presented at the 8th Annual SALISES Conference: Crisis, Chaos and Change: Caribean Development Challenges in the 21rst Century, hosted by the University of the West Indies and held in Trinidad and Tobago, March 2007). Mr. Cade enjoyed receiving the highest grade award in four of his classes. Upon graduation, Mr. Cade started his career doing Worker’s Compensation appeals. The following year, he joined the Broward County’s Public Defender’s Office, where he served as an Assistant Public Defender for four and a half (4.5) years. During his tenure as an Assistant Public Defender, Mr. Cade represented approximately three thousand five hundred (3500) clients in a range of cases from juvenile misdemeanors and felonies to adult felonies, up to and including second degree murder. Equipped with a fair amount of trial experience and jury selection skills, Mr. Cade went into private practice October 2012, and subsequently opened his current office location in Lake Worth in August 2013.

Mr. Cade also enjoys an underlying Master’s degree in Social Work, having graduated from Barry University. He worked in the field of addiction as a social worker, and for DCF, gaining knowledge that proves helpful when representing client in criminal or family cases where addiction is involved, as well as DCF dependency cases.

Tyler Jaymeson Cade


Monet’s human is Tyler Cade. Monet is an expensive rescue who is 4.1 pounds of pure love. Mr. Cade needed to be able to select a dog with a certain temperament as his house cat, Tehalin, has cardiac issues and cannot be overly stressed. Monet was 5.5 months old when Mr. Cade took him home. He was not selling on account of a broken tail, which he likely had in utero. He was about to be euthanized for failing to sell. As such, he is a rescue, just a pricey one. Monet comes to the office on any day where Mr. Cade does not start or end his day in court and/or mediation.